Canadian hub like Core 77?

Funny that there seem to be so many Canadians reading and posting here, but Coroflot is empty for Canadian design work. Is there a big Canadian site that I should know about for information and job hunting?

not that i know of. though core is pretty international. i am actually working on a project now for a new canadian multidisciplinary arts (design, visual art, music, film, etc.) site though an for sure will post the link when it’s up and running this fall.

i’m all for an international perspective, but it’s true that some things need to be local/country specific. ie. local institutions, access to government funding/programs, jobs, etc.

in any case, if you do find something else of interest for us canadians in the meantime, let us all know!


Core is your best bet in my opinion…

However - A few Canadian links of interest might be.

for some reason… when I try to link to ACIDO - the Ontario Industrial Design Association “nono” appears when I preveiw. Must be the .info suffix?
Perhaps someone else can try it in a post and see if they get the same result.
You’ll have to cut and paste…
www (dot) acido (dot) info

odd about he acido link. maybe its some sorts of censorship word flag here on core. the link works tho. ill mention it to the admin to see whats up.


thanks for the links!
all the best with your new site, and i’ll contribute to this post if i find anything else worth adding.

links fixed now thanks to admin. it was the .info suffix


A lot of CDN companies like to post on Core77 and EyeDeeEssayDotOrg. This is your best bet for finding jobs since the majority of ID jobs are south of the border. If you choose to stay in ON/BC I suppose there’s Karo, Umbra, RIM, Bombardier, etc plus all the consultancies in GTA.