Canadian Designers

I seem to be seeing more and more Canadian (or Canada-based in my case) Designers popping up here.

How many are lurking around? Introduce yourself!

i would be one…

albiet, i have been in san franciso for the past 3 years. Spent 6 months at a certain vancouver design-studio before defecting :wink:

i will return. unfortunatly, there just isn’t a place in canada for me… the design scene doe not compare to down here…at least not yet

True. I can’t figure out why. Vancouver has so much potential for Design.

Then again…I like to stress the “not yet” aspect of your comment.


I was lurking for a long time, recently registered. I work at a returnable packaging company as a design supervisor (but more of a designer that supervises).

LabRats…it was a recent posting of yours that prompted me to start this thread. I am seeing more and more locations based in Canada.

Most seem to be Vancouver or Ontario/Montreal centric. Are there any IDers in the vacuum of the prairies?

Hi, I’m a Canadian industrial designer working outside of Toronto.

[quote=“ip_wirelessly”]LabRats…it was a recent posting of yours that prompted me to start this thread. [quote]

Well now I kinda feel special!

I don’t understand how Alberta can have an IDSA section, but I’ve never heard of any IDers from Alberta.

Canada’s big three cities do have quite a lot of designers, even compared to the US. ID seems to be under-represented though considering the amount of manufacturing in Canada.

A buddy of mine works for DIRTT in Calgary. Haworth also has a facility there and I’m sure there is a lot more places. So they are there just not on these boards.

yep, Toronto here

I run a teeny tiny studio with a graphic design colleague of mine. We do a lot of retail work as that’s my background from the UK.

Been in T.O for 7 years now

did you get paid in beer for the Molson job? :wink:

urgh, oh god no…no amount of Molson would cover my costs!

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I’m Canadian on paper, but not in residence. I’m American on paper, too though…

I may be be a soon-to-be Montreal based designer! Bring on the long winters!


Moved last summer from Vancouver to London Ontario.

Ostensibly freelance, but really working on my own projects with some CAD work for the ex-employer.


TO here. you know, center of the universe :wink:


Montreal baby! Unesco city of design.

lol, no doubt.