canada jobs

Hey. I’m 17 and pursuing Industrial Design next year. I love every aspect of design, but i am wary of the job market. Does anybody know what it’s like as per getting a job in Canada? Will i starve to death :slight_smile:?

There are very few ID jobs in Canada compared to the number of students the schools are pumping out.

That said, the talented, smart, resourceful students usually do OK. But that is typically only a few students per class (if that).

If you are willing to work hard, learn as much as humanly possible in school, and learn even more outside of school, and have some talent and luck on your side, you’ll likely do OK.

Not to sound like the grim reaper, I’m just trying to be realistic.

What schools are you looking at? What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses?

Design employment in Canada is the pits, don’t go into this unless you’re so talented even your shit is well designed and sells. Yes, you will slowly starve to death on a street corner begging for a job. Keep your sanity, choose something else, too many casualties for what it’s worth.

Like any business, if you are good then finding work is not a problem.

There are quite a few jobs in manufacturing (mostly toronto) but not many with design firms. If you want a job in an exciting ID firm (which only a handfull exist) then you better be very talented with a really solid skill set (sketching, form, graphics, CAD) - proE/Solidworks is heavily used in Canada.

I was able to find a job in Canada at a small design firm, but have recently moved to the US. There just aren’t any firms in Canada that do the kind of work i wanted to be involved with.

Every year close to 100 new students graduate and about half of them have the skills to start working right away, but there are not 50 exciting jobs available…so bust your ass and learn to draw and think quickly.