Canada: Insurance for Design Consultancy

I am having trouble getting insurance in Canada. Does anyone on here have any insight into getting content as well as General and Professional Liability insurance.

We need to get, at the very least, the content insurance. But it seems insurance companies aren’t willing to do just content insurance w/o the others. But they won’t insure us for the Liability aspect because we’re an “engineering” company.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

hmm not sure. lemme check into this. my dad is an insurance broker, so ill see if i can get any answers to help.


My cousin was a lawyer in Toronto not too long ago, I’ve pinged him with a general question- I’ll let you know what he says.

Thanks…any insight at this point would be great. None of the brokers we’ve dealt with so far really know what we do so we get lumped in with construction engineering. I think more than anything, it is a matter of getting the right person to push it through the pipe.

Not really. But next time I am down in the states and can’t pay for a doctor I will give him a shot.

i PM’d you.


No dice IP- sorry. My lawyer cousin did land law, he said to find a place like this… “thanks cuz”.