Can your wage offers decrease?

I just wanted to know if it was possible (I’m guessing it is with the economy) that a job you get will pay you less than the job you had before. The internship that I am finishing up paid me a hefty amount (28/hr) and I was wondering what the chances are that I’m going to be offered the equivalent (or more) for my next internship and if that will hold true for a real job. I’m going to be a sophomore in college.

yes. no. maybe.

it’s really impossible to say not know where you are at know, your experience, your skills, or anything else.

anything is possible, just depends on what you are looking for and what you accept.

sorry to be so non-specific, but there really is no answer for such a question.


I know plenty of professionals who’ve taken jobs that pay less. It’s even more likely in an internship–many internships don’t pay a cent!

Yeah, twenty-eight bones an hours for an intern is pretty good, I’d say. If I were looking for intern positions I wouldn’t be expected to be paid at all. I would like it a whole lot more and really appreciate the compensation though.

That’s definitely a good hourly wage for an internship!

Unless you’re a rock star (and you could be…) I wouldn’t expect many people to be making that much at their first “design job.”