Can you tell me where to get this material


I am trying to find a source for this material and I have not had any luck. It is .5mm thick and appears to be textured rubber with a cloth backing. My guess is that it is used for upholstery in industrial settings (forklift seat etc…) Any help with what it is called or where I can find it would be greatly appreciated.


I would try motocross stores. If you are looking for small quantity. You could then ask them were they get there material. It looks like what they cover motocross bike seats with. ,they have a wide varity of fabrics

probably some sort of PVC.


Motocross stores? Probably not so much. But it is similar to current MC seat cover “Cordura”.

For sample pieces an automotive or marine upholstery shops, more likely. Or if you’re looking for yards, an upholstery wholesale warehouse. They all have tons of fabric sample books to look through.

nice find Jw

It is not Cordura on a motocross seat. It is a molded PVC with a fabric back. Just like the material showing in the original pic. Anyways I am just trying to help.

Thanks for all the input. You guys are a great help. I will check with motocross and upholstery shops. 1000D cordura is actually woven if I am correct, this however is not. It is just molded to look like it is woven and then backed with a fabric.

Once again, thanks for the input.

The material you are looking for is vinyl fabric… The site I listed happens to have a few different kinds.

If you are in the US, JoAnn Fabrics.

I had a project where we had to use upholstery (odd for a mechanical engineer).

Anyway, the non-slip fabric we used was Tough Tek brand. You might check that out.

Loughname, you are right, it is Toughtek. Thanks!

Jwedge, thanks for the link, I have ordered samples.

Everyone has been a great help. Thanks for the support.


I believe singletrack is correct, it looks to be a molded PVC sheet. Sheets like that are commonly backed with low cost woven fabric to provide tear strength. That material is most often considered as a lower cost alternative to woven PP or PE.

We use several top notch cut-n-sew manufacturers overseas. I’d be happy to quote samples or manufacture for you if you’d like.