Can you show me a portfolio of a designer with no experience

I’ve been looking through the portfolios and there are very little (nearly none) of product and furniture designers that have just graduated with no work experience. Can you give me some examples…

Also, I did some work experience over the summer with a consultancy and a design studio. How would you integrate this into the folio considering I did not do very much there in iterms of design work (mainly worked on alias etc). Should this only be mentioned on my cv?

Testing 123

…if i were considering a new grad, i would look for evidence of the basic design skills; sketching, rendering, model making and some general sense of how they made design decisions…in your resume and when you show your portfolio, talk to the problems you encountered, the actions you took and the positive results you achieved…the rest would be how well they presented themselves and basic personality…by all means include everything in your cv and book which might be relevant…everyone understands that a new grad will not have much work experience, but the skills should be there after 4-5 years at uni.