Can you say RIPOFF? How about bunkity bunk bunk.


OFS Hotseat Competition - Chair Design Competition
Sponsored by OFS and Metropolis Magazine.

From the Competion’s Q&A:

Q: What about copyrights? Who will own the chair design?
A: OFS will own the copyrights to the chair, and the winning entry may qualify for royalty fees pending approval of the compensation agreement.

This Competition Needs a Whack from FIDIUS (Fighting for Fair Design Competitions)

And this one needs an Editor. IT’S LIKE CREDIBILITY, DUDE!!!

CEBI Handle Design Competition
CEBI Handle Design Competition aims to develop a creative design, in line with contemporary standards of design, to be used for CEBI.

The competition which provide to appear young designers, is will be held solely on the Internet.

This competition has a formal web site.

After controlling of conformity with jury specifications and approving, elected works will be opened to the jury’s opinion.

After analysing submissions on internet by jury members, they will vote up to stated date.

Jury will meet 3 March 2006 in Istanbul for analysing submissions on papers.

There is no limitation of age, nationality and profession for taking part in the competition.

First winner of the competition will take 5.000YTL (New Turkish Lira), second will take 3.000YTL, third will take 2.000YTL.

Moreover, CEBI will vote designers for awarding him/her 3.000YTL under the “CEBI Private Award”.

Under UK law - the designer always owns the copyright to their work, even if they sign a contract to say they are handing over that copyright to somebody else!

If your’e not British - pretend you are. :laughing:

or just don’t participate…

the exchange rate is 1($US) / 1.336 (NTL)

Is it true that if you are handed a contract and you don’t like one part of it, you can just strike it out and that part becomes void (assuming, of course, that the other party accepts that you removed it)? Or does it require official notarization and all that?

I’d just cross out that line and sign the rest of it.

Wow that hotseat competition is a RIP!!! Who the hell wants to go present their design in Dallas anyway? No thanks!

Tell me about it. DALLAS?!?!?!?
Couldn’t pay me…