can you recommend an affordable shop w/CNC mill?


Can anyone recommend a place that can do CNC milling for three small aluminum pieces?

I have the wire files, I’m familiar with the process, I just don’t have access to a CNC mill anymore and don’t want to just randomly hire some place for top dollar from a google search.

Cheap is highly preferred, as I will be doing all of the post labor myself (sanding, polishing, detailing, etc).

The pieces are three wrist watches about the size of Breitlings. I just want the casing cut from AL for display models. Fine details like hands will not be necessary.

I may take the rapid prototyping method, and then just work the paint booth magic, but I’m keeping my options open for best bang for the buck. These are simply just going into the portfolio, as the final production pieces will not be available for another year or so.

Thanks in advance.

Full Throttle Concept Prototypes. Very reasonable prices. Highly recommend the workmanship.