Can you introduce the best 20 MS of product design worldwide


I want to study Masters of product design regarded to special attention to sustainability - Business - Product design.

Could you give me the greatest choices?

I know this courses:

1- MIT masters of industrial design
2- Delft Integrated product design or strategic product design
3- Aalto university: Creative Sustainability

Appreciate your answers.

David Vakilian

Can you tell me the first 5 universities?

Perhaps you could ask in one of the other threads that you’ve posted the same question?

They all have feedback that you haven’t responded to:

oh, sorry, but i hadn’t understood. Cause those responses were not complete. Right now i know that Netherlands and Finland are 2 of the bests.
Aalto - Delft

Hi Ahmad

I agree with Delft and Aalto being excellent in these fields, also look at the programs in Italy since they have a long history with sustainability as well. At Aalto, from what I have seen you will be able to specialize more into sustainability, while Delft has a more integral approach to product development. In Scandinavia you will be insisted to put sustainability more prominently on the agenda but of course that is rooted in their entire culture. So it is just what you prefer.