Can you help me find info about this chair?!

August 23, 2004 - Los Angeles, CA - Mash Studios today officially announced the formation of a multidisciplinary design collective - consisting of industrial designers, architects, engineers, graphic and web designers. - to offer creative solutions for office furniture, residential furniture andmercial fixtures and environments. Mash Studios was founded on the principle that good designes from all creative disciplines, and that a team-based approach - scalable and customized for each client and project - fosters innovative thinking and problem-solving. This approach delivers more thorough and far reaching solutions. Our strategy is to offer our clients a “0ne stop” approach - their projects are considered from inception through cost effective implementation.

“As a newly formedpany, Mash Studios is entering an exciting phase,” says Bernard Brucha, founder/principal of Mash Studios. “Bybining my expertise in furniture design, development and production management, along with the talents of other seasoned design professionals, clients will get more than a single discipline firm has to offer. We look forward to offering top-notch client service coupled with innovative design solutions.”

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what chair?

I would love to help you find the chair you inquired about. It seems to be missing from your post.