Can you guess this Material & Process?

So I am trying to figure out what material this vintage ice crusher was made out of and which process was used to make it. My first impression was an investment cast of stainless steel since these things tend not to rust a lot, but perhaps it could be die-cast aluminum.

What your your thoughts?

The top is definitely diecast, you can tell from the cylindrical ejector pin bosses. From the photos, it’s hard to tell if the part is aluminum with the outside face polished or zinc with the part plated. Leaning towards polished aluminum due to the underside not looking plated.

Going to step out on a limb and say the rest the metal parts are also diecast keeping the construction similar.

Does it feel light or heavy? Steel is 2.5ish times as heavy as aluminium. The tarnishing makes it look like polished aluminium.

It could be die cast, but those side walls seem very thin for that. From the little tab you can see folded in on the bottom inside of the side panel, it looks like the bottom walls, at least part of it, is sheet metal. The lack of a tabbed seam at the bottom rear also makes it look like the sides were folded around and joined/welded afterwards.

All diecast zinc. Not a guess.

I have one of these. I can check if needed.


Can I ask you how you know?

Yes Please do!