Can you design "character"?

naw, i dont really gamble. like lotteries its a tax for people people bad at math.

im sure for every design example that gets better with with age, there are also lots that look worse in retrospect. check out some 80’s pomo inspired product design, and you’ll see that age isnt always kind.

i guess its the “if” it survives that is the key. just saying that age can help and hinder with respect to design.


poker is all about math, outs, odds etc.

true. was thinking more about the slots and house odds.

maybe to revise, i’d say im not good enough at math to gamble. :wink:


simple, in holdem poker you only hit a pair on the flop (if your hand is unpaird) 30% of the time. after the flop you count your outs (cards that you need to make your hand, such as if you had 456 on the board and you had 79 you have the 4 eights in the deck) and multiply them by 4 giving you the odds to make your hand by the river. On the next card you take your outs and multiply by 2 for your odds. This also works for the other guy so if you think he/she is on a draw you can compute what the odds of them making their hand. There you go poker math 101

see, i like math (and got all A’s in university calculus, alegebra and engineering statics), but i just read what you wrote and heard -

“blah blah 456 blah blah blah 4 multiply blah blah 2…”.

My brain just dont work like that. at least i know it and dont go broke.


And further into this tangent…I always heard blackjack gave you the best odds (if you know what you’re doing). That’s my game back when I played.

yup thasssssss right.

Nope…best odds in the house is Craps. Also the most fun, IMO.

best odds in the house, the buffet…never lose on all you can eat shrimp. :laughing:

Hmmmmm…you ever had food poisoning from shrimp?