can you crit me please???

Good Morning everyone, I was wondering if any of you could give me some feedback on my portfolio samples that i have up on coroflot. I am a Third year ID major at Philadelphia Univ. All commets will be appreciated, Thank you

Here is the link Kyle Cittadino in Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for posting, you have some good thinking going on in there. My recommendations are as follows:

1_ Font_ choose one font for all body text, keep it the same point size, and minimize text where possible (bullet points), people move through these things at light speed, make sure the text is designed for that

2_ borders_ look extremely heavy and detract from the images

3_ images look small on some of these, the flexo vase is a good example of a page that shows off the design better (though the text is too big and should be at the bottom). The magazine pedestal design is sweet, make the CAD drawing smaller, bullet the text, make the main photo bigger, take out the line “great for the bathroom…” and replace it with a pic next to a toilet.

4_ Process!, show some sketches.

6_ project logos_ look a bit thin, I would either revisit all of them, or standardize the font as simple page titles.

Remember, designers are visual people. You need to tell your story visually. Look at your pages. Figure out what you want the viewer to see fist, second, last. Arrange your image size and placement functionally. Remember aesthetics have functions as well, and the communicate much more than paragraphs of text.

Here are a few portfolios I think are simple and effective:I would recommend you poor through coroflot and do a little bench marking exercise.

Thank you for the feedback i am incorporating it into my newest rendition of my portfolio.

Any body ese have any feedback for me on my portfolio, it will be changing soon but untill then, anybody got anything???