Can we have a classical product design process 4 creativity

I am going to have a survey on apply Function Analysis on product development for creativity.

Function Analysis (FA) is the core reality of Value Management (VM), which is widely used in many industries today. It advocates divide the function of a product (or other things) into many sub-functions and get solutions through brainstorms from all kinds of stakeholders(designers, engineers, managers, suppliers, customers and so on) motivated by a special facilitator. And FA was awarded an effective way on solving problem, stimulating creative thinking, and communicating complex information quickly. More details about it will be explained to you if you are interested in it and email to me.

I want to use Delphi Technique or case study to carry my survey. If I take Delphi Technique, I was expected to get help from experts in product development. For the convenient of research, I will focus my study in Mobile Phone Industry. I know there are many experts in this board. May I ask if anyone of you want to be involved in this survey? And if there are any design consulting firm would like give me a chance to have a case study in your company? I am very happy to share the result with you.

My specific email box for this study is

Please contact me if you are interested in it and if you know the application of Function Analysis in product development well. I am afraid this study will be aborted for there are no sponsors on it and I am just a student, but I still want to try here and see if I could get surprise chance here.

Thank you in advance.