Can we connect Coroflot to Facebook?

I’d like some help connecting coroflot to facebook. Does this idea interest anyone else?
The way I’m imagining this, photo albums would have coroflot connectivity in the sense that new photos added to coroflot would be added to a corresponding facebook album. Photos would share likeys and comments, and the potential for traffic and publicity would be greatly increased. Other benefits in my imagination include improved connections to fellow students in not only each designer’s own school, but hopefully other classes from separate institutes of learning. Wearing your portfolio on your facebook page would encourage students to keep up with their portfolio and have a sense of pride in their own work (wouldn’t it?). Using facebook as a testing ground for their online presentation skills, students would hopefully be more capable of constructing a coherent, people-friendly professional portfolio when the time comes. Opportunity for friendly competition through checking in with rival students or universities could also come into play. I’m hoping this would lead to students holding themselves to a higher standard, using the ever-powerful peer pressure. Facebook’s capabilities for instantaneous feedback and infinite linking to related tags/sites/or people would really bring coroflot to a new audience, and an exciting level of interactivity.
Are these thoughts convincing? Appealing? Bogus?
I find coroflot dishearteningly difficult to use, and outdated. I feel completely out of place as a design student, and searching for kids like me is painstaking, and rarely rewarding. I might be doing it wrong, but I’ve got a hunch that facebook’s extreme prominence in my age group could be taken advantage of to promote design learning.
I suppose I’m currently less concerned with the job-seeking abilities of coroflot at the moment, and more interested in social networking for designers in training like myself-- but is that so bad?

Are you talking like the Coroflot app… that currently exists??

oh my god thank you. i must have been too hasty in my search minutes before posting.

Bad news though. It still sucks. It uses none of Facebook’s potential for social networking! It’s just a link to coroflot! …but I suppose my complaints would be better directed to the app page.