Can u Advise me?

Dear All,
I’m Elie Hanna i’m an Interior Architect and i an in LOVE with car and products design … can u give me an advise about my works

the URL:

Too much of small busy lines that takes away the importance of body lines.
It makes the design some what too confusing and unorganized. And also where is the volume and weight for the automobiles? Use light and shadows if you want to reflect more of real design sketch.
Don’t try to go too quick on using lines, take time and be more confident.
And study the colors of the cars. Your color theme is some what too Neon like… Also the background strokes bothers me alot. The hues are too strong and they stood out of the images.

Wheels look flat and spokes are unattractive. Those who likes car designs seem they care very much about tire and its designs.

:blush: U r right… there is some parts i miss because i didn’t study product design or car design and all my works i made it and learn it myself from design sites and magazines and research and i hope i have the opportunity to study product design and i really appreciate ur advice…thanx a lot