can this monitor be realized ?

can this monitor be realized ? the image can be displayed on the edge of the screen ?..

To my knowledge there is currently no way to manufacture a bezel-less full color display. Perhaps in a few years down the road E-Paper type technologies would be able to handle something like that.

Yes ,now LCD couldn’t do the monitor like this ,the panel will have about 10mm distance to the edge.
but Led maybe could do it like this ,it’s already OK in the lab ,but the price is very high for mass produce now.

Then ,the base also have some problem,not good for stablity.

It can be done with a “special lens” that erases the bezel between images. I’m sure they hold a patent on this:

The stand alone will not pass safety if tested by a regulatry agency. You also have shielding problems for EMI and keep in mind GS, TUV, FCC, RoHS, requirements, etc.

Regulatory? Psh thats no fun. :laughing:

Also I don’t think that bezelless lens technology would work in this case, since you’d still need some kind of frame to hold the lens in place.

Of course that doesn’t get back to the core issue of “is this actually better”. The whole issue of aspect ratio comes to mind, a normal 16:9 DVD wouldn’t properly fill 2 screens like that.

interesting idea, keep on developing it

Assuming anyone would actually want to do this, there’s an ergonomic issue with two people using the display on alternate sides… It means neither can tilt the monitor.

Also I can’t imagine anyone buying a big monitor only to use half of it. Why wouldn’t you always keep it unfolded?

Now put a folding display on a laptop, and you might be on to something…

maybe an OLED can do the job. they are still in developing, but sony produced the first OLED-TV (ultra thin). but the issue with the frame still exists…
but, keep it up.

A long time without coming here and thank you all above for focusing on my idea. thank you verymuch.

I think that it is only one screen , it is considered from different aspects.
A korean company already produced a monitor like my idea, but they still dont solve the tech about edge-displaying

thank you for your reply.