can’t seem to activate my account

I can’t seem to activate my account; I think it was due to entering the wrong email address! I have tried to email admin but it seems the mails just bounce!!

My user name should be


And my correct email is

Cheers if this can be sorted I’m looking forward to posting!!

any chance this got sent into Hotmail “bulk” or “spam” folder?

yea could have done!!

any way to resend it?

might have infact used the email athough i prefer the one above :slight_smile:

go to “Login”. underneath entry fields is “Forgot my password”.

Sorry, but your password cannot be retrieved because your account is currently inactive. Please contact the forum administrator for more information.

i just get this msg !!

will message the Core folks. best i can do.

[message sent]

Okay, you’re activated now. All set.

cool!! thanks for getting it sorted :slight_smile:

Guys from the board administration, PLEASE DO SOMETHING SO THAT I CAN LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT.

My username is Pancho, and I registered in may.

Me too!
I’ve tried logging in-with the same results
My user name is Beesign,
I registerd on mar 25, 2005-

thanks in advance?

Dear core77admin,

Could you help me in logging in, as you did with the above-referenced-activation? My username is Pancho, I registered in May.


Have you been able to activate your account? Cause I haven´t.

I have not yet been activated-


I wonder why core77admin helped dtk8 so easily and us not. I mean, are we doing something wrong? I even opened a forum to ask for help, I have tried to contact these guys, and nobody seems to pay attention.

Any suggestions?

Pancho & Beesign, you’re both activated.


thank YOU!!

I’ve registered but am somehow considered inactive. Could you do something about that? My username is amou324 and the email I registered should have been So if this could be rectified that would be super. Please email me at the address when I have been activated. Thanks.

Same with me

Mr Mackey

says inactive.

Thanks in advance!