Can someone convert a logo for me?

Hi, I currently have a logo printed, but I lost all of my original files. Can I mail someone the logo and you remake it in electronic format? Please include your email and cost. I will pay up front.

send me a scan and i will start it now, £40 okay?

Let me see it and I’ll give you a cost. Illustrator? or 3D?

you can email it to Once I have it I’ll give you a price probably lest then 40 pounds, what is that about 60 us these days?

send me a scan! and than i can give u the prise. and i have the same question: illustrator or 3d? both are okay for me

I can do the logo designing for u @ US$ 60 just mail me the design in any format u have.[/b]

Time required : 3 days
formats that will be supplied : PSD , AI
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I will do this for 5 dollars!

Wow this can piss off some people.

Just kiddin

scan n mail it to me i will remake it for no problem, and as far as money concern what ever u wish :slight_smile: . my email is, u can also view my site.

Thanx & Best Regards,

Thanks everyone. I have someone to do it.


We got some desperate Mothers is Here