Can people sell their used copies of Alias Studio?

Is there anyone out there who is tired of Alias’s pricing stratgy, maintenace fees etc and has jumped ship to another software package? If so is there a legal / ethical way to sell a used seat of Alias? I am looking for a second seat of Alias Studio 10 for my office. My initial seat of Studio 10 only cost $15K. Now Alias wants $25K for a new seat of Studio 11 and a ton of back maintenece to upgrade my seat of 10. It’s crazy. At any rate, does anyone know how I can get my hands on an older (and cheaper) version?

simple answer is “no” last i asked them. legally it can’t be transferred without them involved. its in the agreement iirc. only way is if it’s a company buyout. you acquire some studio and its assets. if you have the program, and the docs, it should be in there. somewhere.

of course nothing stopping you from doing it anyway. buying the app from someone else who’s not using it. but you have to buy their NIC too to run the app.

dont understand. why not just get low cost version. if you’re using expensive version, jobs should pay for it. if not…

I would switch to DesignStudio in a heartbeat, only problem is that every now and then on a project I need a D5 curve and curvature continuity (G3) for a surface. My understanding is that DesignStudio will only go to D3 and G2. I have also been told that there are backwards compatibility issues between studio and designer though I have not seen them for myself.

Has anyone out there had experience going back and forth between Studio and DesignStudio?

why not get DesignStudio and ask for older version too? ask reseller which DesignStudio works with Studio 10. then make it part of the deal. they wont care. license should run both old and new app - still paying for just the one license. now you got no transfer issues. and save $$$.

might know someone with both in the office. not sure. know they evaluated DesignStudio. probably just kept Studio. will ask tho.

Thanks for the idea on the old version. I checked with Alias, they won’t ship an old version of StudioTools or DesignStudio. They were pretty strict on that one.

Rather than do a forced migration to two seats of DesignStudio and associated compatibility issues for our library of ‘stock’ objects and old projects, it looks like we are going to bite the bullet and spend the $30K to for a new seat of StudioTools and an update for our current seat. We are currently haggling over the price, hopefully they will come down a bit.

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“Thanks for the idea on the old version. I checked with Alias, they won’t ship an old version of StudioTools or DesignStudio. They were pretty strict on that one.”

if you told them a client was on Studio 9 and you needed to deliver for them, would they tell “Too bad”? if they can’t provide a file path by providing old version of software i was buying, i’d walk away tbh. PTC delivers old versions of Pro/E (pretty damn fast too - web-based ordering). no reason for Alias not to do the same.

maybe you should consider Rhino.

had another thought.

used to be, all the apps were shipped on one cd. license unlocked the features you licensed. i know that’s how Maya works now. buy it, get a CD, license unlocks either Complete or Unlimited (and i can select which if i have Unlimited license). recall thats how it worked with both Alias and others. so when you go to install the version you have now, is the license unlocking Studio 10 vice DesignTools 10? if so, then way you dont need them to supply the program CD. you already have it. and a new DesignTools license should unlock it.

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ears feeling hotter… ah, ice packs to the rescue. fyi for alias users, lovers and haters (two overlapping and nonidentical groups):

as of anything above v10, the .wire file format used by the studio family is finally backward compatible. so v10 will read v11, v12 files, v11 reads v12, etc.

as of v12, just announced, designstudio now includes high order geometry creation, but still no curvature continuity creation. it does, however, read studio files with curvature continuity in the model history and respects it, though desigstudio won’t regenerate the history-laden surf with curvature continuity if you modify any of the surf’s construction parameters.

there was one bug in recent memory regarding backward compatibility of wire files. apparently bookmarks, those camera orientation saves you can create in the Active View Panel in your perspective window - if you have it enabled in your prefs - caused a hiccup on import by an older rev of alias. i forget which two rev that this bug affected, but i think a dot release fixed them. the important thing here is to always try to get the last dot release of a package, i.e. 11.0.2 rather than 11.0.1 or 11.0.0. they have some of the nasty bugs fixed that the original .0 release contained.

also, this discussion provides me yet another opportunity to mention how useful dongles are rather than ethernet based keys. you can’t take your mac address with you, but the dongle can float around the office as needed. just do the same install on all machines, same dongle license, then give the dongle to whoever needs it that day. of course, this doesn’t apply to network licenses, only nodelocked. but since alias charges extra for network licenses, the above workaround often suffices. and when your computer dies the dongle works on your new system.

the kicker here is that alias, i’ve heard but not verified lately, will only sell a dongle to you if you are buying a new seat. so i hope you haven’t bought that new seat yet!

back to the topic: why not get one seat of ds and leaving your studio v10 as is since you can use the older software to produce curvature continuous surfs and can exchange the files back and forth freely with a new seat of designstudio?

the only problems you’ll have would be jumping back and forth between slightly different interfaces. between v10 and v12 there are enough changes to the ui where i could see a designer being frustrated, but if you keep the studio and give whoever the ds, you shouldn’t have to master the new ui and remember the old at the same time.

last point: i can’t recall whether a license for a newer rev will enable an older rev, but ykh is correct about the installer disc. the installer asks you which version of the software you want to install, at least it used to, but what really matters is the license itself. if it says autostudio, then autostudio is what you get when you launch alias the first time. if it says designstudio, you get designstudio out of your installation.

so get the ds, install the new (v12) license and see if ds v10 run off it. if not, install v12 and be happy. or at least, not so mad.

sorry, i’m usually less verbose (no snickers outta you lot!) but these business issues can be as complex as any technical minutiae.


good info there. thanks Sam.

and i second the dongle option… now that its too late for me (tho i can pay for change i’ve been told).