Can my dream come true?

Hi everyone,

i’m back with some questions to ask for a favor again. i’m really need helps and i always appreciate your hands.

I’m Thai who’s planning to study ID (undergrad in Europe) but i don’t have any art or engineering base so i don’t know if i’m dreaming too far or i really can do this wheater i graduated with something really strange?

Anyhow i have some more important quesions to ask.

  1. I’ve read a lot of threads in this forum and already chose some universities to be my goal. Those are…

Design Academy Eindhoven


TU Eindhoven

Politechico di Milano

Florence Design Academy

IED Instituto Europro Di Design

Les Atelers/ ENSCI

I really don’t know which one is suite to me. Which one is so arty or which one is so engineery. ID with Engineering is something like Product designer+Inventor right?

  1. Since i realized that they are in different country so the language might be the big problem for me. I don’t mind to learn new language but what language should i start to learn? Should i submit all my portfolio first and if they accept me so i just start learning their language for a year before take a course? (i don’t think they can wait for me) or i should aim at only one country and go study for it? (that’s mean i cut off all my chances)

What will you do for this situation? I have only one chance to do what i want because of the financial problems. My family don’t have much money for me to try or take time searching. So i’m the one who really need your advices. Please help.

Thank you in advance.