Can Indian Design edu. n exp. help me find a job in London ?

Will my Indian education n experience help me get a decent job in a top design firm in UK (London) ?

I am an Indian Graphic Designer packing my bags for UK sometime in mid 2005. I have done my B.F.A (Applied Art) from Delhi College of Art, INDIA. Well versed with all the softwares i.e Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Corel draw, Quarkxpress i have both PC and macintosh skills. I am learning web design these days ( HTML, Dreamweaver, java scripts, Flash).
Have worked with an Top Advertising Agency in NEW DELHI,INDIA for 1 and a half year. Presently i am a freelancer designing for corporate clients independently from last 8-9 months.

tell me how this discussion will help you if at all you decided to work in London…or where ever you wanna go?
design is vast…being specific won’t work.

Surely this discussion will help me a lot to know wat’s instore for me in future when i am in London, How should i go ahead in approaching the rite Design firms, also how should i prepare myself for it from now.

All of urs advice is very imp to me. So pls gimme ur views.

I receive many international emails at work and what sets Indian correspondents apart from the rest is their “email language” - I strongly recommend that if you wish to be considered seriously, either as a job applicant or bulletin board querent, you consider writing your sentences out. I realise that within the Indian internet community the use of “U” and “R” and other abbreviations are permissible but when communicating with the rest of world, it creates a negative impression

I’ve worked with a “Top Advertising Agency” in New Delhi, India in the past, and I know that proper english and spelling is definitely used for all other communication media.