Can I make it?

Can I make it?

  • Absolutely dude!
  • Maybe…
  • Naaa! No way!

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I am an industrial designer with 6 years of experience. I have always been in consultancies designing mostly products, but as the time passed, I got more interested in trends and fashion.

I have done on my own some shoe sketching and, I would like your opinion on my portfolio to see If I could get a job on that industry. (even dough I don’t have too much experience in that particular filed)

Any comments, tips and information would be most welcome.

Thank you!



I think you could do whatever you want. You have a nice clean design style. With some work on your foowear sketches, I’m sure you coud get in. The sketches look a bit wide proportionally and the linework is a bit scratchy. I would work on cleaning some stuff up, do some more polished renderings and throw in some tooling drawings, and consumer boards to buff up a footwear secion in your portfolio.

Thank you for your comments Michael! Yup I know what you mean with those sketches, I did most of them them on the bus :smiley: Some times I use my commuting time to draw on the go while looking what the people is wearing. It´s fun and inspirational.

Maybe getting in the the tooling could help me understand proportions a little bit better too.

I know from my experience that product design activity is concentrated on certain places. Does it happen the same with footwear? Is there more activity in Europe or in the US?

Anybody else has any tips or feedback? Come on guys don’t be lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regadrs,


Footwear design is everywhere, eveyone needs shoes. :slight_smile:

In the US most of the Athletic stuff is in Boston or Portland. Most of the lifestyle stuff is in NYC and LA.

Hi guys,

I’m going to Europe next month. I would like to visit a couple of places to have some interviews.

Do you have any tips or recommendations? Are there any MUST GO places I should visit?