Can I get feed back on my corfolio?


…your complete process is well shown in all of your projects which makes me view all of your files…

…personally i would like to see more of a layout that brought everything together to visually move the eye around the page…

bellissimo stuff!

Some nice work…

Espresso Machine; why? There isn’t even a comment here to explain why you have done a project to design (or are you re-designing?) the espresso machine? It’s attractive as a design, and I like your sketches, but I also have no idea how it works. I think you need to remember that you are trying to differentiate your design from other designs, and the process of use is usually this differentiation.

Which leads to the Wearable PC. If you take a picture of a computer, it’s boring. If you do a rendering of a computer, it’s boring. It doesn’t show you how to use it, and that is what the wearable PC is about surely? It’s a different type of interaction, but you haven’t shown how you interact with it? Is that pull-out part a screen? I simply don’t understand it.

Eyewear, again I don’t know why you’ve done it. I think what you are showing with that is that you are a good sketcher (and you are) but don’t label it as a design (i.e. eyewear), put in a folder called ‘sketches’ or something, it makes more sense (same with the single file for Espresso which doesn’t help me understand the design anyway).

Fusion is a little better, it gives me some more understanding as to what it is, how it’s used etc., but again there are sketches which don’t tell me enough… why is there a sketch of a handbag?

I think you have some good quality skills but you haven’t displayed these in a way where they feel like design projects, and that is what you want to do. The fact that ‘eyewear’ is labelled as a design project doesn’t help either because it brings the quality of your other work down.

Anywho, that’s my input, hope it helps.

Thanks for all your input. As for the layouts, I’ve put them together pretty quickly with what I have. My intentions was to show the work visually rathter than get into the technical details, which can be shown in the actual portfolio. But I do see your point, georgeous. Perhaps I can make additional pages to illustrate how the products work.

I know the wearble PC concept has lots of people scratching heads. That concept never went right from the start. It’s at a point where I should just leave it out altogether. However, I’m working on a spinoff concept that is much simpler and practical.

Some of the sketches are actually from very early ideation stage. So they don’t appear to have connection with the final result. I’m not certain how to let the viewer understand what they are without going into each explanation. I’m guessing people spend very few minutes on viewing each portfolio on Coroflot. My goal is to show more with less. Thanks again. I will keep working on it.

I don’t think you should axe the wearable PC concept. Maybe you should just have one sheet with a large image of the wearablePC being used, and immediately people will understand it (an image like the espresso machine maybe). Do some more work on it, don’t just axe it. That’s the challange.

Other than that, cool. Hope it all goes well. Getting portfolio together is always difficult. Good luck man.