Can Haier become the dominant player in laundry appliances?

With 120 industrial designers and 25 people conducting consumer research, can Haier become the dominant player in the global game for home laundry appliances?


innovating too, like wine cellars

I think LG is the one to beat now.

Why not? Just like any other brand, Haier has what it takes.

Haier certainly seems to be approaching the US market from that strategic perspective that can make them a dominant player in laundry and other home appliances and consumer electronics.

LG may be ‘cooler’, but a CONSUMER orientation and investment in Design (strategy and deliverables) means they will catch up.

What I find interesting is that as US manufacturers move more to offshoring and outsourcing manufacturing (and other services), Chinese companies like Haier are investing in manufacturing in the US. (Haier $30 million investment in South Carolina).

Also, Haier’s bid for Maytag may have forced Whirlpool into a poor (emotional) decision to buy. Whirlpool recently closed Maytag’s North Canton operations.

Look for parallels in other industries, particularly automotive and how Japanese business model impacted the US auto industry.