Can GUI Designer become Interaction Designer


I am currently working as a GUI Designer and mostly use Front end technologies. Now I want to make transition from GUI designer to Interaction designer. So my question is can a GUI designer become an Interaction designer or UX designer?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, a GUI designer can become an interaction designer. However, this process can take years. The length of time involved is analogous to a machine operator trying to become an engineer.

As a GUI designer, you’re a technician, while a UX designer creates features that help to bring in business to the company. So there are two ways of becoming an Interaction/UX designer: 1.) Apply for highly competitive UX entry-level roles, such as in Bloomberg. OR 2.) Do side projects, start your own self-funded company and build track record that way. Also, join IxDA if you can. You’ll get a lot of support.

Hope that helps!