Can design be a useful tool for 3:rd world development?

Can design be used in an efficient way to resolve problems even in areas of extreme poverty? Even when funding from outside is not available? Can u design useful products from what you find on the ground and in the garbage cans? We will try to find out.
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Staffan, the only thing i can say is I’ma bit jealous. This has been my long tem goal. But I need to finish my masters degree first.

As a transported african i definately understand the problems on the ocntinent and definately feel that it’s imperative that africans begin to design for themselves before the big multinationals move in and start creating consumers for products that don’t really benefit the population.

Africa is the next big marketplace and it’s goingt o get alot of attention but if things don’t change and they peopel don’t establish an identity early as consumers they will be given one. The continent as a whole also has to work hard not to make the same environmental mistakes that the west has made and it’s a very daunting task…because financially big corporations have the advantage.

Anyway read “Ecology of Commerce” by paul hawken

great book

Thanks a lot for your opinion, porcupine!

You are right, one of the big questions we have to ask us when we are there is what is right for them. We are extremely coloured by our western way of thinking and this can be an obstacle for us. Hopefully will our 4-5 months of travel up til the project in Kenya help us reset our cultural values somewhat.

As an native(?) african designer you probably have a lot of ideas about the subject and I would be more then glad to hear more about them.

We are also quite fresh as designers and we will probably learn more than our students in Kenya, never the less we are convinced that we can achieve something of substance there.

What are your impressions of our project? Any critical parts? How would you do it? Where are you from? Where do u live now? :slight_smile:



check out also:

great guy, and would love some help from the design community