Can anyone solve this puzzle???

I have recently recieved an email from this company after applying for a vacant position as a designer in their firm. I wont mention names cause thats not right but can i have opinions from you, cause I really dont get this…

This is the requirement of the design position…

The ability to be able to take clients basic information and produce a wide range of conceptual solutions with the ability to turn these into 3D CAD data, preferably Solidworks; is a basic requirement. Ideally the applicant will have recently completed a degree or similar and be able to demonstrate a divergent range of designs. The ability to supply computer rendered images would be an advantage but not essential.

And this is the reply…

"Received your CV, thank-you.
We are currently unable to offer employment due to a number of factors, the main one is that we have sufficient resource for our current work load.

However, rather than tell you we will keep you on file etc, I will put the ball back in your court. Whilst your qualifications appear impeccable, the only way we could employ you is if you came with a suitable funded project. This may not be as daunting as it sounds.

There are likely to be a number of problems you may have in seeking work, lack of experience in a real world situation, may be one of them. With the skills and facilities we have in-house you would soon gain such experience within ****.

If you are able to point **** in the direction of a suitable project and we were successful in gaining the project, we would be prepared to take you on for at least the duration of the project you are able to identify. Your involvement in the tendering stages would be on an as required basis, but is not a condition of this offer.

**** for your information undertake all aspects from concept to manufacture undertaking most work in-house. We have an Industrial Design Studio, a CAD development area, an RPM area, a model shop and a small tool-making facility.

If you have such a project please contact me, the offer would be based on you attending an interview at ****.

Otherwise may I wish you all the best in your search for employment."

**** is not IDEO, or FROG or anything. In fact, the name is much longer, so no speculative guesses please. I may get in trouble.

So what do you reckon? Desperation, total BS? Are they asking me to be an Account Manager??? Help me solve this puzzle.

Cheers people. :open_mouth: :smiley:

Sounds bogus to me. If they’re asking to bring business to them and it actually goes through, you are entitled to some kind or royalty once it hits the market.

I’ve NEVER heard of this approach before, and I can’t tell if they’re blowing you off in a creative way, or they’re serious. If they’re serious, I think they’re seriously delusional.

In a nutshell, they’ve agreed to employ you for the duration of a project as long as you bring a project with you. ‘Duration’ isn’t much of a reward, particularly if you’re not involved in the ‘tendering’ portion…basically they could cut the deal and pay you a pittance.

If you (and they) are serious about pursuing this, my recommendation would be:

  • insist on being part of the ‘tendering’ phase. you need to know the value of the project you bring in.
  • understand what your contract wage would be up front (before you brought them a potential client)
  • write a contract for the duration and type of your services up front…if it’s a million dollar (insert euro equivalent here), long duration job, you certainly don’t want to give that kind of plum up for two days of wage-work.
  • broach the subject of commission (maybe commission only, without even working on the job)
  • consider ‘tendering’ an offer to a potential client yourself, and tell them to get screwed.

My recommendations are purely hypothetical, and based on the supposition that their offer (and the firm) is ‘for real’.

My suspicion is that they’re on crack.

what puzzle? this is a scam.

they need clients. your desperate for work maybe. so you maybe get a little work with that one project. they establish relationship with a new client. they offer range of services you cant. you get kicked to the curb or get a very tiny offer to do a few sketches. royalties arent likely. it’ll all be done in contracts. and you’ll get short end. worse yet you now have competition for work you didnt have before.

you SHOULD name the company. they’re taking advantage of IDers. if there’s nothing wrong with this practice then they shouldnt care if name is used.

Another vote for crackheadz over here. Sounds like they want a new business developer. If you already have clients you could bring to the table, you could starrt your own firm or do the work for the client yourself and reap the benefits. And they’re saying that once you bring them in you may work on the project? Meaning they might keep you on for 1 week then drop you (but keep the client). Sounds like school on saturday…no class!

Thanks for the speed at which you guys have replied. It helps me to now tell em to shove it!

Well it sounds like they are having some problems. After I had a look at their work, their portfolio sucks. Very engineered, no use of client names (dunno if thats in contract or what) but seem mediocre.

Ok, Thats the company. Ooohh i feel bad. But why should I. They were prepared to F*""K me, so here is retribution, woo ha ha.

So do you think the position they were offering is a complete hoax?

Sorry last weblink is wrong. It had an extra . in it.

site screams Opportunists to me. esp that one page with all the subsidy stuff. looks like something to show inventors. help them get cash for projects. maybe some projects make it. but also maybe only 1 in a 1000. wont matter to this company. money from gov’t would be in the bank. i’d steer clear.

Ok, so I emailed this company back and said I wasnt born yesterday.
Heres what they said to that.

"If your combined credentials included some form of business sense, understanding and politeness that matched up to your apparently excellent design skills, I believe you would be a considerably more attractive prospect.

Good luck in finding employment.

Yours Sincerely,"

What do you say to that??? Hypocritical or not?

Is it me? Please tell me it isn’t me!!

Reply with a link to this thread. :smiley:


This isnt in a discussion forum im afraid. Would you like to see the mails?
I got some more.


sorry nydesignguy. muddled m and n.

Is that previous post what you meant. Only im not sure if it is.

:open_mouth: :smiley:

Hmm-very sketchy. I am glad that you said NO.

I was suggesting you email them back and tell them to check out this message board and see what we all posted as a reply to your question.

Ahhh I get ya! Sorry nydesignguy. Im a bit slow… :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think it would do much good as they seem oblivious to the scam they are attempting to pull.

Here is another mail they have sent…

“If you could perhaps confirm whether you actually read the attachment sent with the e-mail earlier? There is nothing in it to suggest that we think you were ‘born yesterday’, only the offer of employment should you be able to bring a project to the company, which given that we have filled the advertised vacancy, seems more than reasonable. It would appear that you have the ‘wrong end of the stick’ to use a turn of phrase - no-one was trying to extract from you trade secrets worth a fortune, merely help you out by giving you a possible route into employment - is that really in need of an abrupt and rude response such as yours?”

I have decided not to respond to them any further. I cant be bothered wasting my energy. Thanks for the help people. Oh well, back to more searching.


I hate to use this analogy but I think that due to it’s vulgarity, it’ll help illustrate what they’re trying to pull very clearly. Please, no need for the pc police, I know:
Local pimp is in a slump, no money, no girls, etc… So he goes out recruiting for girls. But since he has no game to find clients, he searches for girls that already have their own johns. So instead of the ladies working independantly as they do and getting all of the cut, they’re supposed to “work” for a pimp (even though they’re doing everything themselves) for the pure pleasure of being able to say that they’re “employed”.
This sounds familiar to another thread that was just up not too long ago about some company swindling freelancers, using their portfolio work to advertise their company’s capabilities with the “promise” of possibly using the freelancer in the future.
These all seem like some new kind of opportunistic middle-man scams. Companies trying to offer things they don’t really have, just getting in the middle of what others are already doing and getting paid from it.

Great analogy!!

Although, I am not a hooker. :smiley: (ha ha)

Anyway, just goes to show, when in need of advice from fellow designers, this forum hasn’t failed to help me.

There should be a law against this type of scam, no?

I know many have provided great responses already…but I thought their two statements above are contradictory…having an avenue to a “funded project” while possessing a “lack of experience”…what??? Where are these morons from??

Yep Alias, unbelievable isnt in!

I wouldn’t mind if I didnt know better, but my brother is training to be a Contract Lawyer, my dad has 32 years in business management and with the help of you guys, who do they think they are trying to kid???

The best quote is this…

“If your combined credentials included some form of business sense, understanding and politeness that matched up to your apparently excellent design skills, I believe you would be a considerably more attractive prospect.”

It is just so bang out of order!!! They think because I am young, I dont know a thing!!! Its a damn insult!!!

Keep on posting people…