Can anyone recommend ID specific tutorials on Illustrator?

I have to shamefully admit that I have pretty poor illustrator skills… to the point of using rhino to draw 2D lines and exporting them. lol

I’m going through some graphic design illustrator tutorials now, but was wondering if anyone has seen ID specific ones. Doing lines over sketches and the like.

Check out this site for some pretty cool tutorials:

They are geared towards illustration but once you know how to use the tools you can use them for ID purposes.

What ID specifics purposes are you looking for? (techpacks, sketching, rendering…)

Cool site, I’ll start going through it!

As far as needs, mostly for sketching and rendering. What do you mean by techpacks? (I looked it up and it seems to be a fashion industry thing?)

Practice using the pen tool! Controlling Bezier curves is the key! You have to know where to put the point so you can manipulate the handles on the curve.

After a while it becomes second nature.