Can anyone ID this style/ packaging material?

I am doing some research on packaging styles, and have happened upon a Package that would fit my client’s project perfectly. Anyone know what type of plastic this is?

Imgur album here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Most of the time those types of bags are made from PVC.

I should be a bit more clear, I am looking for more information about how this particular style is manufactured.

I am assuming that they are PVC sheets, but are they pressed, heat welded, sonic welded, or something different?


I know that those ribbed seals can come from an ultrasonic welder - it has a ribbed wheel that is run along the perimeter of the packaging. Material looks like PVC.
If you don’t see the ribs on the seal it’s probably a heat bond - that’s what they use for most plastic bags and ziploc bags.
I personally like ultrasonic welding - it’s fast, uses less energy and may add to a professional appearance.