Can anyone help me with some sketches?

Hi all,

I’m writing a journal paper on the importance of sketching and am looking for contributors with good quality sketches. Your sketchwork will be published with an ISBN.

Sorry there’s no royalties on offer but you will get a name check in the article and, of course, a copy in the post!

Many thanks


I’d be interested, you can check out my site. Email me to tell me more about it. Also, if you like, check out my book on the role of sketching in design today:

I’ll toss a couple in, email the details to me, my website

I would be willing to help also. Link to my coroflot site below.

ditto. we at least get a copy of the book, right :slight_smile:

links in my sig.


Same. Let me know if there’s anything here you’d like to use:

I would be willing to throw some in as well from a packaging point of view. Link in in my signature

Hi All,

First of all, I’ve got an embarrassment of riches here, thank you! I’m most grateful for the kind offers of help I’ve had from you all. If this is okay with you all, I’ll go through your online work and pick out some examples. I’ll then PM you back with the sketch(s) to ask if I may use the ones I’ve chosen.

What I’m looking for are examples that suggest the versatility of sketching; the different ways it can be used to support the various stages of practice - which could also be its hybrid use with other digital media. I’ll personally post a copy of the journal to anyone able to help. And as I say, it has an ISBN and will count as a publication if you’re into that sort of thing.

In the mean time if you would like to read the article, I’d be happy to send it - just let me know.


Thanks for the opportunity James. That sounds like a good process. Just let me know what you want as high res.

is the online portfolio of tommy forsgren… i think you can contact him by mail or phone… just look out his design work…

Hi All,

First of all I’d like to thank you all for your kind offers of help. I’ve looked through all the work of all those who were good enough to offer, the quality of which was quite outstanding. In the end, in the interest of simplicity, I’ve decided to go with the work of just one designer.

Again the reasons are pragmatic rather than one sketch being ‘better’ than another. One of the things that fascinates me about the designer’s sketch is its ability to communicate personality - saying one sketch is in some way better than another may be, in some ways, missing the point.

Many thanks again for all your help.


I would be interested in this. When are you looking to publish? How will you distribute your books? Please check out my website to see some of my work. I have many more sketches and renderings that are not posted to the site.