Can anyone help me to match the following criteria...

Hey all…I’m still finding myself time and time again coming back to the thought of studying Industrial Design. Started talking about it when I was 14. 10 years on and I’ve done 2 years of studying architecture followed by a few years of working in IT/Communications!! And I seem to keep coming back to the point of Industrial Design…think I need to start taking the hint!!

SOOO…the question is which college to go to. I don’t want to muck it up again. I have clear ideas of what I want: I want to specialise in Furniture Design (Mainly in wood), Electronics such as mp3 players, cd players, handheld devices and Exhibition/Interieur Design.
I want a college that offers good woodworking facilities and a very good grounding in computer programs such as CAD< photoshop, Quark, Solidworks and so on and on.
I want a college where there is good guidance and structure.
I want a college where there’s a good balance between design and technology. Ie I want to learn how to understand how something works from the inside out but whilst still being design focussed/not overly technical/engineering focussed,
The college has to be in Europe.
Can anybody think of a college that does Industrial Design that fits the criteria?

Preferably I would be looking at Holland or Ireland. Ireland has NCAD or Carlow IT. THere’s product design in DIT. Holland has Design Academy Eindhoven, TU Delft, TU EIndhoven, one in utrecht and one in Den Haag I believe?

Design Academy Eindhoven was nice but strikes me as lacking in structure to the course -I know from experience that I need more guidence…I don’t thrive as well in a loose environment. PLus I feel they don’t gain as good an understanding of how the products actually work/fit together.
Tu Delft is undoubtedly fantastic however I feel the course is probaby TOO rigid and I feel perhaps students come out of there with less a feel for design and originality than DAE.
Tu Eindhoven seemed to have a good balance but seemed to lack structure in the courses and guidence.

NCAD seems to be good but will cost me 4000 a year. I am not as familiar with how the course is set up.

If anyone can offer me advice on this I would be grateful.

So you would be going for a bachelors? If you are looking for a bachelors you will have more issues regarding what language you speak. Many grad programs are in English.

What about Umea?

You should also check out – it was started by guys from Delft and there are lots of European students that post there.

have a look at this thread.

i posted a couple of paragraphs about TU Eindhoven there. a lot of the classes on the ID course is carried out in english. not sure about Design Academy, but i know some people who teach there and they don’t speak dutch, so they must teach in english (several classes anyway).

good luck.


Thanks guys…Dutch and English are no problem for me since I am half Irish half dutch. Umea is the one in swweden right?