Can anyone help me find some athletic lasts?


I was wondering if anyone here could provide(sell?) me with a pair of modern athletic lasts for men. I will be making some dress shoes on these athletic lasts by hand, which should be really interesting.

Here, in Montreal, Canada, it is impossible to find anything other than bulky, outdated shapes from the 60’s so I would be forever indebted to anyone who can help out.

I am looking for a size US10.5 and will cover shippig costs.


I was hoping that maybe one of you major leaguers (Yo, DH, MM?) have a pair lying around the office or the tool shed… Please PM me if you can help out.

Thanks for looking!!

I might be able to hook you up but only in 9 US. Let me know if this work and how picky you are…PM me


I could get a casual sport last. (would have to double check) most of the lasts we have cant be shown or given out, but will check.

also work mostly now in casual mens. best best for a sport last would be Yo or DH.

do you need a half pair or a pair?



I’m sorry I wont be able to get you an athletic last…

Dr doodle