Can anybody tell me what software is being used here?

Last year one of my professors showed us this website for a portfolio example. Of course I know its obviously a flash-based website but is there something similar out there to package a PDF based online portfolio with the turning page effects and all? I’ve tried looking around at different portfolio software but no luck.

e-magazine, e-book, or e-presentation software. All kinds of programs out there:
desktop author, fresh catalog, epaperflip, are some that work

Ah thank you.

Okay so does anybody know of a free one or one less than 200 bucks?

FlipAlbum looks like it might work, but I’ve heard it kind of sucks compared to the other professional programs.

Why don’t you ask your professor to get your school to buy it. He was the one that first brought it up, and surely they can afford it. There’s got to be someone offering an academic version. Call them up - everything is negotiable. Tell them you’ll trial their program and then endorse it when you become the next Dan T Rowe. Offer to sell 10 copies to your mates if they give you one for personal use. You’re a designer, apply some creative thinking. Use some abductive reasoning and abduct a copy.