can anybody tell me about design school in germany & ind

can anybody tell me about design school in germany & india? i heard that study at german do not have to pay the tuition fees? how’s thier design history?India also famous of their ID, how about the graphic field, did anyone had been study at india, tell me more, thank u.

Yes, the education in Germany is free, no tuition fees are charged except the semester fees ($200 the max). But the cost of living is very high in Germany and you will need a prove that you have the money to support yourself during the study…if you don’t have the money, you can get a scholarship….but it might be a hassle, as you’re not a citizen of a member of the European Union.

Also, before registering for classes you will need a prove that you’re covered by German health insurance.

As a foreign student, you can work in Germany even if you don’t have a work permit, but only half a year if you work part-time or a quarter of a year if you work full-time…and in some regions of Germany, foreign students are allowed to work only during summer vacations. And if you receive a scholarship and work part-time, your earnings will be subtracted from your scholarship…which is no fun.

If you would like to learn more:

India… I know that they have great engineering programs, but I’ve never heard they were famous for their ID schools…maybe in a couple of years.

There’re two books that I adore dedicated to India’s graphic design:

An Ideal Boy


Street Graphics India

It’s an amazing and kitschy stuff…India’s graphic design.

Hi melovescookies

You seem to know the German ed. system well, so I was wondering, what is up with the school of ULM? I guess I am not so wev savvy, but it is really hard to find admissions info for them. Do you know if it’s a good place to study ID?

I wanted to study in Germany but was twarted by the German language exam one must take for admission…

Also, do you know if German health insurance for unemployed Germans is expensive? Here, in the US, it’s atleast 300 a month.

I think the ULM school closed in the sixties :wink:

There are two prominent design schools in india
1.National Institute of Design ,Ahemadabad
2.Indian Institute of Technology,Mumbai.
Bot h have very good design departments where as later is mor focussed on technical side

It closed! What a goose chase. I thought it was still going or that a subsidiary/replacement school was opperating.

hi there,
closerthanuthink is right, the hfg ulm got closed a long time ago.
but you might want to have a look at the school in schwaebisch gmuend,
which was founded in ulms tradition.

hdx. :slight_smile: