Camera Shopping: Which one do you recommend.

I intend to start an undergraduate Industrial Design Program.
And i want to buy a good camera for experimenting, personal use and school.

I will greatly appreciate any suggestion.
What would be the price range for a good one.


A “Good one” isn’t very specific. You can get a good point and shoot for $150, or a good SLR for $800.

I’d visit, they’re the best camera resource on the net.

A little advice for school. Buy the best camera you can afford (best quality usually means best and largest lens) but balance it with things like portability and battery life. An SLR is not easy to lug around, and you have to be realistic about how you’ll use it. If your school rents out equipment, like SLRs, I’d use those and get a feel for what you want while sticking with a nice small, compact point and shoot for everyday documentation. There’s no “right” answer unfortunately.

I know:

What i meant is what camera did you have , or experience with and really liked.
I will check dpreview
What i didn’t say is i will do some traveling before the fall, and want to take photos.
I had this one for two years, and the quality/weight is ok to put in my bag if i am going out , go to the pool, or document something i am working on. but i’d like something that can take better photos with, i feel the grain and depth of the photo is not what i want with the one i have now
Benny, Thanks for the advice on portability.
Experiencing more with photography/vams before i get a good one would be the best thing to do.

search the threads. This has been covered in depth before and I think you’ll find some good advice.