Camera Shopping: Which one do you recommend.

I intend to start an undergraduate Industrial Design Program.
And i want to buy a good camera for experimenting, personal use and school.

I will greatly appreciate any suggestion.
What would be the price range for a good one.


I too am looking for a camera for design purposes.

What I’ve seen that seems good are the Nikon D40 (for the budget-tight), Nikon D60, and Canon Rebel XS. The D60 and XS are my top picks so far, but there are others that may work for you.

If youre looking more for compact cameras, Canon has a great line up.
If you are willing to shed more money, the Canon Rebel XSi and Nikon D80 seem to be a good choice, as well as the Sony a300-350 series.

Wow, i never read your reply.
But i ended up getting the Canon Rebel XSI. It was more expensive than what i intended but it had such good reviews. I just received it but it came without a lense
So i have not used it yet.
Did you get something?

No lens O_O yea, you should probably do something about that xD.
The XSi is a really good choice.

I got the D60 a few weeks ago with two lenses. And right after, they released the D5000, which made me a little mad. But it’s money well spent heh.

i have been searching for a camera since i got into ID at my school. I decided i need a point and shoot for everyday things ( I carry it with my sketchbook) and a dslr. I still can’t decide on either a Nikon D40 or a Canon 40D. really similar in price and great for a beginning photographer. and the prices keep dropping when newer models get released. the point and shoot I scooped up was a canon sd1100is. is a great resource for research

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Don’t worry so much about what body to get. It is more important to find a lense package that you like. Canon’s and Nikon have both change lense packages since their move into automatic and digital. Some older lenses might work but you have to check first. In products you are going to want to invest money in a good 55 mm lense with a f/1.8 (a great affordable lense with a realistic perspective), a wide angle lense ( for dramatic perspective), a macro lense for detail close ups, and maybe a telephoto that gives from 35 to about 200mm (so that you can get everything in between.

I run a Nikon D50. Which has been discontinued for years but my lenses are gold no matter what Nikon Upgrade I go to.

Also, do not forget to buy UV filters for your lenses. It will protect your lense from sun exposure and scratches. It is alot easier to replace a scratched filter than it is a lense.