Calling all Industrial Designers in Calgary...

I am making big life decisions right now. I’ve completed a 3 year program in Automotive Marketing, and am currently employed in the industry in Calgary. I have had 3 co ops prior to my present job, and I found all of them very unsatisfying. I knew at the beginning of second year that the program, wasn’t a good fit, but I persevered because I figured a piece of paper was better then money down the drain.

When I first heard about Industrial Design I was very excited. I thought it would be a great fit. However, I did some further research that made me stop in my tracks. I’ve never really been a drawer or an artist type, but all the other aspects of Industrial Design really appeal to me. I love and appreciate “good” design and love to solve problems creatively.

I would just like to talk to someone in the field to get their thoughts about their career. Basically I’m looking for some further information to help me make my big life decisions.

Any input would be very much appreciated thanks in advance!

Any imput would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance!

…what made you ‘stop in your tracks?’

my lack of drawing skills. I noticed many of the people on the forum mention that they are always and always have been drawing or sketching something. I guess one of my questions would be are there any industrial designers out there who are not constantly sketching. Or, if you wern’t a sketcher before school, did you turn into one.

Sorry pal, unless you popped out with a prismacolor and asked the doctor for a piece of dry paper, youre screwed.

not really, its just a skill that takes time to cultivate, it helps to take classical drawing classes to learn to draw in a loose but controlled fashion. you need to train the muscles in your hand and arm to communicate with your brain. A little hand-eye coordination is in order.