Call for Entries: CHI2009 Student Design Competition


I want to invite you and students you mentor to contribute to the CHI2009 Student Design Competition; the competition, in its sixth year, is an international venue for showcasing undergraduate and graduate design work. CHI in 2009 will be held in Boston, MA.

The design problem this year focuses on the idea of local resource consumption; the problem given to students is:

Design an object, interface, system, or service intended to support the idea of utilizing or consuming local resources rather than global resources, in a sustainable and environmentally efficient manner. Use methods of ethnography and contextual research to understand the problem space, and develop user-centered design solutions to support, assist, enhance or otherwise benefit your target audience. Your solution could address the methods of production or transportation of local resources, or could focus on the consumptive and disposal processes; whatever the focus, however, the solution must clearly illustrate positive value to both local stakeholders and to the local environment in your respective region.

Design competition entries are due on January 7, 2009, making this a perfect competition for a Fall quarter class project.

Please view more details about the competition online at and don’t hesitate to contact me or my co-chair Mike Glaser with any questions or comments you may have.


Jon Kolko

Author, Thoughts on Interaction Design

Co-Editor-In-Chief, interactions