can anyone share their experience with living in san francisco or pasadena? i’m looking into getting my second ba in industrial design. first time around i got my degree at a liberal arts college in a small town in the northeast.

i’m looking at these two cities because of california college of the arts and art center respectively. i’m thinking i might like to start out by just enrolling in classes before i join a formal program in id. that’s why i’d like a happening city where i could find a job and be exposed to lots of new ideas while i take classes. my main concern - is it possible to find affordable housing around either of these cities? i know how expensive it’s supposed to be out there and i’m not sure if i could actually support myself.


Lived in a loft in Oakland with two roomates. the space was right over the bridge by Emeryville. We had 3000sq ft for 1500 a month. five years ago though. But Oakland is artest heaven.

“is it possible to find affordable housing around either of these cities?”

Simply put, no. Not unless you live in a slum or have many roomates.

Berkeley… one bedroom apartment… $850 a month. Looked at a couple of other ones around $750

SF rent starts at about $900 a month for a livable place. Pasadena is expensive too, wouldn’t you rather live in SF? Why CCA and not AAU?

thanks for all the feedback. and about aau, i guess i just haven’t heard as much about them, but i’ll definitely check them out too.
thanks again. this does seem possible after all.