California ID'ers

A couple questions for the ID’ers who work in CA. What type of firms are there in CA? Is it really hard to land a job in CA? How much do you make? (Average) And when people complain about Id’ers salary is it because they expect to make close to the 100’s margin, they’re just a bunch of loosers who didn’t put any effort on the portfolio, or they’re just whiners? (knowledge of experience please)

visit’s salary survey…and the core77 business directory for firms in Cali.

… or they’re just winers?

Well, as an Industrial Designer, in California, I much prefer an older, leggy, sherry finished, single-malt Scotch Whisky myself; something with a peaty character, and slightly smokey, honey-fruity undertones.

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c’mon mann, I need comments from experienced people.

There are currently 704 California “design firms” listed on Core77. I’m not going to copy and paste them all for you, here’s the link.

The California job market, if you can believe the 2006 Core Salary Survey, is warmer than most of the rest of the country. And if you want to do your own research, here’s the link for that

As an independent Industrial Designer, I put slightly over $52K in my pocket last year. I don’t whine about; I have no employees to encumber me, the house is almost paid off, I go sailing two days a week, rain or shine, and my new BMW motorcycle is scheduled for delivery in March.

Experience? I’ve been an industrial designer since 1973.

that is whats up! obviously been doing something right, sailing, cruising on a motorcycle, in cali weather; that is living the dream right there…

Well, Bro, that was last year. There have been plenty of years when I was wondering if the wolf was going to beat down my door down and eat me.

I suspect there will be more of them.

I work in a corporate environment as the Design manager, as well as being one of two (looking for a third) designers. Salaries for a “designer” range in the mid $80K to $100K+. But the job of “designer” is as much engineering and detail product development as it is conceptual form development.

Most companies which actually manufacture a product are seeking that kind of well rounded talent in a designer, not just form and concept development specialties.

You can make a good living with that kind of experience. I’ve been doing it for 25 years.

Plus, CA is an awfully nice place to live. It’ll be ~70F today for the Rose Bowl. I just sat outside this moring and watched the B2 and two F22 Raptors fly over my house twice as they circled to make their run on the Rose parade. Pretty cool.

I’m looking for someone who is well rounded from an engineering and design standpoint (injection molding, diecasting, electronics and electrical background, as well as form development) to fill a third position in NE San Ferdnando Valey, Los Angeles. E-mail me for more info (no whiners with bad portfolios!)

How much so and so cost live in Sun Valley? or san fernando valley…all that area…I mean, a normal apartment…is expensive that area???

What area is cheaper? not to far from san fernando…

those surveys can be a little skewed, i believe.

i have 8 years experience. my salary and bonuses clear me over $100k (no bullshit). i work for a growing, aggressive company. i work about 50-60 hours/week.

my wife and i rent a condo/townhome in irvine about 2-3 miles from either of our offices. it’s about 1250 sq.ft. w/ 1 car garage for $2200/mo.