CALIFORNIA here I come !...

Hi Guys,

its time again for some travel questions. For the end of the month I got a (partly business) preliminary travel schedule
in the making to finally see California and the Pacific coast. I will be flying in from Atlanta via Phoenix Az.

Want to see: Frank Lloyd Wright (Taliesin-West), Midcentury Modern (Palm Springs), The Ocean (Rest of the Tour)

Feel free to chime in on locations, where to go and where not:

Day one Tue. 28th
Flight Atlanta-Phoenix

Day two Wend.29th
Taliesin - West Tour
Roadtrip to Palm Springs

Day three Thur. 30th
Palm Springs MCM Architecture: any hints for tours or stays?
Road Trip to Pasadena. 2hour drive?

Day four Fri. 1st
Road Trip Pasadena to either Pismo Beach or St. Maria Dunes
Can’t decide which way to go Should be 4 hours travel + 3 hours
for stops??? Conquestion on the highway?

Day five Sa 2nd
Road Trip Highway No. One to St. Cruz via Big Sur and Monterey
Should again be 4 hours travel + 3 hours for stops?

Day six So. 3rd
Road trip Santa Cruz to San Francisco
Any hints for good accomodation in San Fran. (Below 150 Dollars???)

Day seven Mo.4th
Flight from San Fran to Atlanta

Thanks for any hints !


Sounds like a great plan to me. Taliesin is interesting. I interviewed to be a guide there during uni:) Wish you had time to hit Casa Grande or some other indian ruins (the best are in northern AZ). Maybe next time.

Highway 1 is great, but check the weather beforehand and try to avoid it at night. I remember the fog and boulders to be pretty scary when I drove it. Hearst’s castle is always worth a visit if you have the time.

Agreed, route 1 can be pretty treacherous. A good place to stop is Andrew Molera State Park, beautiful views and you can get to the water. The lighthouse and bridge are around there too. Have you tried looking on AirBnb for SF accommodations?

I drove Hwy 1 from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz the day before Christmas - it was completely empty and weather was superb. Only wish I had something more fun than a 90s 4Runner.

My most treasured memory from California is ironically not sunny, but snowy - hot springs in Mammoth lakes. But that may be to much of a departure from you plan…

Thanks for your hints.

I’ll have a look into air bnb for Palm Springs and Pasadena.
For San Francisco I found a small privately run lodge near Marine County Civic Center,
which is onother FLW great, that I definately didn’t want to miss.

The ones who know me won’t see the risk of me getting lost in the morning fog. Usually
don’t start a vacation day before 10 and hopefully it should have cleared by then?

Really looking forward to this trip now!