I didn’t notice it before, but while looking over the Bombay Sapphire Glass competition rules, I noticed something. I guess if you’re a designer from California, Utah, or Pensylvania, you are not eligible. What’s up with that. I worked really hard on my entry… Any commments? Am I mistaken?

Bombay Sapphire (Bacardi) has for to long used the design community to promote its product. We designers have helped Bombay Sapphire enter new markets streams and are directly responsible for the “style and sophisticated” image of their product. Unfortunately Bombay sapphire has done nothing to further design other than running these so called glass competitions which are in fact simple marketing campaigns. I for one will no longer help this multi national company promote their product! besides London Dry is a far superior gin!

Perhaps there’s a rule about gambling (in the form of a contest) or something. Here in Canada, in order to win anything in a contest you have to answer a “skill-testing question” so that the “game of chance” becomes a “game of skill” and avoids the gambling guidelines.

Sample: 5 x 6, plus 12, divided by 7, minus 2.

It would seem that designing something for a contest would fit into a the context of a “skill testing” question/challenge

The reason utahns may not enter perhaps lies in the strict local liquor laws. I don’t know about the other states though. Does california have a lottery by chance?? Utah doesn’t thatm ay give us a clue that the gambling laws are more strict here. Although a desing competition hardly seems liek gambling.

Could be local liquor laws in CA too. They wine industry is huge there. They like to protect their local businesses.

What is the significance of 4?