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what’s the story (if any) with INNO design?
i noticed a job posting.

any comments? anecdotes? assessments?

when i was in school ten years ago, inno was a sweat shop hack shop
who knows now, maybe it’s run as well as our presidential administration… :cry:

looks like they do a lot of second, third tier name brand products.

… got a great web and photog monkies to make it look HOTtttttttttt.

also what’s with the majority of korean products? do they source the design here to firms like inno? is this common? and most importantly, cost effective??

It’s probably a subsidiary of the Korean company. Many international firms are starting to do that. Basically a Korean firm who has access to many of the manufacturing channels will start a subsidiary in the US. It makes it easier for communication and clarity. If the design can be clarified in the US, then there is less likely to be hickups in the translation. You also save time on the 3 day rule. 1 day to send email, 1 day to read reply, and 1 day to send confirmation or reply. Working with these US subsidiaries are much easier and I think is good business. The only problem is, you need to work with one that is big enough to have some pull, especially in consumer electronics.

As for INNO in particular, I saw their posting and applied but got no response. So I guess I’m in the same boat as you. But I guess that’s a good thing considering the guy above me saying it’s a sweat shop.


This place is just plain scary and avoid at ALL costs.

There’s only one person left there besides the VP I recognize. It’s churn and burn.

Some nice people were there but the CEO makes the environment terrible. An example is one person asked if you got president’s day off. A national holiday.


You were expected to arrive by 8am and no one ever left until 6 at the EARLIEST. You generally left around 6:30 to 7PM on a NORMAL day. 10.5 hours on a normal day? The CEO would arrive around 10:30 to 1 but in general would arrive one day a week really early to make sure everyone was arriving around 8AM.

Then count of staying late every 1.5 to 2 weeks for 3-4 days as a deadline approached. Zero time for careful thought.

They get essentially ALL of their work from Korean conglomerates who see INNO as a method of getting North American influeces with a company that can speak Korean. That’s their edge. The CEO can speak Korean. So the client can send all their communications in Korean.

Inno has core77 so scared they shut down a thread on Inno because they were scared of legal action. This shows core77 IS NOT prepared to stand up to the running of an anonymous board. Core should have let the thread run and tell inno that they were running an anonymous board and go ahead and use legal council. Inno said they were were going to use legal council and core promptly shut down the thread and locked it.

The studio is freezing cold because the heat isn’t turned on until someone arrives. The workshop consists of 3 wood tools, table saw, band saw and band saw worth a total of maybe $500 and it’s in the back with a single lightbulb. You had to throw open the garage door to get enough light.

So your hands can freeze if it’s a few degrees above freezing on a winter morning. Or swelter if it’s a hot day.

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I know nothing about the firm but there are warning signs…

Look at the logo. Could you proudly show your business card with that logo on it? (Seriously…not joking)

They show that they have both industrial design and visual communications.
(who calls it visual communications anymore?) ID and advertising together is a combo from the 70’s and 80’s. Just like the logo.

Inno has been in the States for a while actually, and the CEO speaks Korean, of course, because he is Korean. He studied in Passadena (if i’m not mistaken), and the only reference i have is from the Seoul subsidiary, my friend worked over there and was very happy, the work enviro was good, it was nothing like a sweat shop at all. I don’t know about the american office, but I know some know-it-all americans like to trash things which are alien to them.
Please respect for a good company, responsible (for example) of most of the I-river stuff, and which was designing mp3 players long before you knew what that was in the states.

Inno is not a sub office of some korean manufacturing company. It is design consultancy deals with all kind of client.
Because of owner’s connection with korean companies, most of their clients are from Korea (iriver, samsung, LG, etc)
Until recently they were exclusive design firm of iriver and they made fortune on loyalty…and I heard they gave huge bonus to designers because of it.
They are doing quite well with two offices in Seoul and Bay area.

Owner is well known for bad personality…where all bad reputation generated from. All other members are quite nice and to be honest, they work on latest technology stuff, which many US consultancy can’t get lately.

I don’t know how much they changed, as personality can’t change over night. I don’t recommend applying for inno design job, but I think rumors are overblown a bit.

There were some of the employees were nice people. No Inno does not deal with all sorts of clients. It’s very rare they will have a non US client.

No one stays. They either get fired or they leave. The VP has been there forever and other than that the next designer had 5 years there, then 2 with about 2 years, then 4 with around 6 months.

When the 3rd longest employee is 2 years that sends major warning signals. It means people get fired or they leave.

There was a major rumblings between the Seoul office and the Palo Alto office.

Owner is known for bad personality. Subtle understatement.

The owner has made a fortune. He must have made a fortune on the building alone due to it’s size and location. A shack goes for $500,000, what do you think a building of that size goes for. No problem with that. It’s the treatment of employees that is the problem and the methodology used.

Meant to say non-korean client.

Ceo did not go to ACCD. He went to IIT. Taught for a very small stint, maybe a year. Might have gone to GVO. Then bagged Daewoo as a client who funded him to start the consultancy. Had a control battle and restarted a new consultancy.

man you look pretty burned out,


kim is the first id student from korea

Nasty personality, like a chiwawa

sounds like someone is a little bitter… did you work for them at one point?