California College of the Arts?

Any perceptions/opinions about ID at California College of the Arts?

I recently visited the campus and spoke with Yves Behar (chair) and some students. The facilities seemed great, nice materials shops, stereolithography and studios and the whole physical place was inspiring and designed for collaboration. The 4th year students I met were excited about the program and the connections with Fuseproject, IDEO, etc. I’m interested in sustainability, and this is one of the few schools I’ve found that actually has a course on sustainability and integrates it througout the program.

This small college positions itself as more responsive to the design industry than larger programs in university settings. They also play up their location, surrounded by design firms and related businesses. I don’t often see this school mentioned in these forums. Any thoughts?

CCA has a very good reputation. Another school that has a very strong repuation in ID in California is “Art Center Colege of Design” in Passadina. You should check them out.