Calgary Canada

any IDers scope Core from Calgary?

Calgary? no, sorry!

I lived in Calgary for about 10 years growing up, and my brother just moved back there last year.

KICKASS city, I’d really like to move back there at some point.

(25 cent beers at Cowboys on a thursday night…god bless Alberta)

What kind of design are you in? Student or working?


There is an IDSA Chapter in Calgary (

I was born in Calgary. But scope CORE from Edmonton Alberta. Calgary is a great city. Great place to live if you like the mountains, and the outdoors…

I’m an IDer working in Calgary (if you’re still watching this thread)

Dedre Toker is in Calgary. Met her briefly at the conference in Vancouver.


Grew up in Calgary, and did my first 2 years or so ID work there. Worked for some great people. Now I,m down here in Yankee land. Great city, maybe someday they will let me go back. DAMN cold winters though.

Not so cold anymore … thanks to global warming. Though, the comparison depends on when in Yankee land you are. For example, Calgary’s winters are much warmer than those in Chicago, Detroit and New York.

I love Calgary

You know the glory might be to say you work in NYC, San Fran, but I think it is pretty satisfying forging ahead in a small market working at the grass roots level with clients. I have worked all over and have ended up in Calgary, I have my own business, one employee, working on some cool projects, I earn more than if I was in a large firm in a large US city, I get to snowboard and MTB my a*s off.

Life is good.

Hey Mark

no not mark

Shot in the dark. Fit the profile, though perhaps not with the snowboarding. Now I’m trying to think who’s self-employed with one employee and likes mtn biking …

I went to a nice coffee shop in Calgary last year. Maybe you know the place, Tim Hortons i think it was called?

you have again confirmed that americans have no taste…:wink: