Cal Poly vs. Art Center


I have three questions,

What exactly is Environmental design at Pasadena Art Center?

Has anyone made it out in the real world with this major from Art Center?

Since, I plan to attend graduate school for master in architecture, is it necessary to attend 5 year course at Cal Poly?

hey I am reformed architecture student (east cost though)

5 year programs are normaly “first professional” Barch degrees so you can get licened right after your degree.
There are diffrent types of MA degrees in Arch some are 3 or 4 year proffessional degrees for students with 4 year BA degrees in arch or other feilds.
Other 2-3 year degrees and are post proffesional.
Environmental design in my experance is a slightly more clever take on interior design so you would be in line for a proffesional MA
dont know bout accd in this but its a good if pricy school in general

ps a good architecture fourm is

Thanks for the great info guest!!!

I just got back from visiting Art Center. It seems like a very professional school. Their most well known program is transportation design. The program there is very rigorous. You also must declare a major going in. They have many ties with corperations, which the sutdents get real-work before graduation. Sometimes the best student designs are chosen to put on the market. My tour guide was an Environmental Design major; he said it was “small scale arcitechture.” When I saw some work from his peers, it ranged from room/installation (or exhibit) designs to furniture models.

Environmental Design means different things at different schools; for example the program for example, “Environmental Design” at MICA is a mix of product design, architecture, and even urban planning. I think it depends on where you go and what the course of study is.

hope this helps, I am not an alum, but this is what I have gathered.