CAID programs advice

I’m a student at the milwaukee institute of art and design, going into my jr year where i will learn CAID. Im pretty sure Ill be learning solid works and rhino next year, but im curious what the professionals have to say about any of the other programs on the market.
Im interested in getting a head start into the computer aided end of ID and am wondering which programs are the best for beginning- on the computer, but also over the longhaul of my career.

any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks much

Ryan Mantefel

looking for any advice. seems like this website has good user interaction. ironically enough, when i have a question its dead!

You have to use the search function first. There are some questions that always pop up that people here have almost written books on, they probably won’t keep putting up the same info. “Search” is in the upper left hand corner, ype in those keywords you’re looking for and you’ll find a ton of info, advice, etc. The most replies you’ll get here are for new things or subjects not discussed a lot, and the occasional pissing match. But you won’t get replies on subjects that get asked a lot because it’s all in here already. Good luck, happy hunting, welcome aboard.