cafeteria ?

We are doing some research on cafeterias. What do you love / hate about cafeterias?

comfort food!
being able to see all the choices.

when the tray doesn’t fit on the track thing or the track sags
when the drink glasses and/or plates slide easily on the tray

What do you love / hate about cafeterias?


food is exposed to hundreds of people, most of the food comes out of cans and may, or may not, be prepared to healthy standards (temperatures), recycled food (yesterday’s prime rib becomes today’s Phillycheese sandwich), food handlers are careless, plates, glass, and silverware are subject to “assembly line” cleaning with, more often than not, unhygenic results, tables are generally only damp-wiped and not clean, ad nauseam (literally) …

i just as soon eat something off of the sidewalk.

can you say “neurotic”?

no … can YOU say Home Town Buffet?

The latest in “home style” fixed-price cafeterias; meaning; you get to wander around the various serving tables and take what you want vs. being served from a line.

I watched a little boy take a piece of turkey from the seving table with his bare hands, taste it, and put it back on the table. Two minutes later he was at it at the dessert table… at, maybe, four years old, it wasn’t his fault, it was his parents fault for not supervising his activities while dining out, and it was the cafeteria managements fault for not maintaining some sort of decorum in their establishment.

If they had a policy about children NOT being allowed to run around unsupervised I might be more inclined to eat in one.

ya, I guess not all cafeterias are alike. And I’m one of those people who actually liked my highschool cafeteria. especially on macaroni day - tomato sauce and plenty of melted mozzarella on top…mmmm. of course, my 16 year old palate might differ from now, 20 years later. yeesh.

Hate the lighting

I always find carring the drinks (especially if more than 1) can be a bit challenging.

and yes the lighting is horrible along with the awefull seats and the impersonal generic atmophere. also, why can’t those trays be cool looing. Graphics on them are just aweful.

never saw any graphics on trays in a cafeteria. I love the scratched up pea soup green scratched up trays tho. cafeteria chic. also like the “impersonal generic atmosphere”. overhead flourescent lighting usually sucks.

meatloaf rules but keep your southern BBQ sauce away from it! speaking of southern food, I love some of it but sometimes it’s sweet where sweetness does not belong. candied pecans in a mesclun salad? disgusting. “y’all” need to learn the difference between sweet and savory. ok that’s my southern rant for the day. I am the first Guest poster, btw.

Guessed …

the process of waiting in line with your food builds a good deal of anticipation, this might be bad for some, but often it is kinda enjoyable for me